The great outdoors, freedom and adventure are the highest callings for the TUDOR
Fastrider chronograph, the most recent watchmaking manifestation of TUDOR’s
partnership with the legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati.

Inspired by the non-conformist spirit of the famous Ducati Scrambler, a model emblematic of the brand,
this new chronograph is a travelling companion that is both technical and exhilarating
with a youthful and spontaneous style.

The Ducati Scrambler represents the exhilarating, non-conformist and adventurous
expression of the Ducati DNA, the motorcycle of choice for a community that knows no
boundaries. It was with this spirit of freedom in mind that the TUDOR Style Workshop
approached the creation of the TUDOR Fastrider model.

Three dials were designed to reflect the various Ducati Scrambler versions: bright yellow, the model’s historic colour,
olive green for a powerful urban look and red for a retro-chic effect. Stripped back to
the essentials, the dials are legible and colorful, bringing versatility and new-found
energy to the TUDOR Fastrider line.